Hungarian Mystery Stories Stage 3 (İngilizce Hikaye) 25 %

Hungarian Mystery Stories Stage 3 (İngilizce Hikaye)

18.75 TL 25.00 TL
  • Sayfa Sayısı : 80
  • Kağıt Kalitesi : Enzo
  • Ebatlar : 13.5 x 19.5 x 0.8
  • Barkodu : 9786052490716

Ferenc Molnar: (1878- 1952) was a Hungarian dramatist and novelist. As a novelist, Molnar is remembered principally for The Paul Street Boys, the story of two rival gangs of youths in Budapest. His first stories were at the age of 19 and achieved his first great success with the play Az ordog (1907; The Devil).
vMor Jokai: (1825- 1904) Egy magyar nabob (1853-54; ‘A Hungarian Nabob”) and Az aranyember (1873; “A Man of Gold”) are among his most important novels dealing with contemporary Hungary. He composed no fewer than thirty great romances in the period of such masterpieces as The Golden Age of Transylvania, with its sequel The Turks in Hungary, A Hungarian Nabob, The Last Days of the Janissaries, and Sad Days.

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