Herodias Stage 2 (İngilizce Hikaye) 50 %

Herodias Stage 2 (İngilizce Hikaye)

2.50 TL 4.99 TL
  • Sayfa Sayısı : 64
  • Kağıt Kalitesi : Enzo
  • Ebatlar : 13.5 x 19.5 x 0.6
  • Barkodu : 9786052490617

French novelist, a major figure of world literature. His short stories such as “Un parfum à sentir”, “La Peste à Florence”, and “Bibliomanie” (1838), or “Quidquid volueris” and “Passion et vertu” (1837), were followed by a romantic first-person confession. Mémoires d’un fou (1838), and a philosophical drama, Smarh (1839). Expelled from his lycée in 1839, he passed his baccalauréat by private study, and enrolled reluctantly as a law student in Paris. There he completed Novembre (1842), a pessimistic confession which was more sophisticated than Mémoires d’un fou, switching (IVerther-Wkc) from first to third person, and including an intercalated episode with Marie, a prostitute who initiates him sexually before recounting her own mirror-image story.

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